30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can we eat Maggi in pregnancy?

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Answer: Jio occasionally u can have but don't take it regularly as it is made of refines flour which is not good for digestion.
Answer: No it is harmful to you and your baby.
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Question: Can we eat maggi during pregnancy?
Answer: Eating instant noodles during pregnancy would seem like a great choice, as it is tasty, full of spices and can be cooked in a jiffy. However, it is not exactly safe. For starters, instant noodles do not have any nutritional value and they only satisfy your hunger for a period of time. They are as bland as they can ever be, so avoiding them would be a good idea. Another harmful substance present in instant noodles is MSG, although the packets say that MSG is not added at all. However, it must be remembered that the FSSAI has deemed Maggi unsafe and unfit for consumption, so the jury is still out on whether MSG is actually present in the garnishing. Harmful ingredients in Noodles :Maida, Salt, preservatives ,MSG, Trans fat. If you are craving for a steaming bowl of Maggi, you can indulge in it once in a while, but not too often. However, make sure to make the dish healthier, by adding boiled vegetables and dishes in ample amounts.
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Question: can we eat maggi during pregnancy
Answer: Please avoid all such junk and processed foods coz they contain no nutrition values, poor hygiene, and lots of preservatives which might harm you and baby both. Instead, if you crave for these things alot go for few spoons once in awhile.
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Question: Can we eat maggi in pregnancy?
Answer: It's not good to have but I had.. if you want to eat , eat but not frequently just when you badly needed..
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