28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we eat sharifa fruit in fast???

Answer: Yes dear u can eat custard apple in pregnancy as well as in fast as they are not only tasty but also very healthy but have in moderation amount. If u have gestational diabetes then better to avoid it as it contains haigh levels of sugar.
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Question: Can i eat sharifa
Answer: Hello Oh yes definitely dear yu can introduce Sharif's in yur diet. It is a very healthy n nutritional seasonal fruit also known as custard apple. Have in moderation dear as it is high in sugar content. Take care
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Question: Can I eat sharifa?
Answer: Hello! Sharifa or custard apple is full of nutrients. It is very beneficial during pregnancy. Since it has natural sugar, it helps underweight women to gain weight. It also lowers the risk of abortion. Hence, having in moderation is not a problem. Take care
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Question: can we eat kiwi fruit in pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear... yes,you can have Kiwi fruit, it is rich source of vitaminC and folate ,it is a best fruit needed during pregnancy,it prevents neural tube defects,it also contains neurotransmitter which helps in brain development of baby,improves digestion and controls morning sickness and will also reduces stretch mark as well, kiwifruit contain natural sugar substance which act as a best option during pregnancy,and controls your carving
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