33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can we eat Chinese food outside at once in 32 Week of pregnancy

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Answer: Please avoid all such junk and processed foods because they contain no nutrition values, poor hygiene, and lots of preservatives which might harm you and baby both. Instead, if you crave for these things alot go for few spoons once in awhile.
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Question: In 6 week of pregnancy can we eat outside food??like in restaurant once in a while
Answer: Hi dear during pregnancy women's body element in compromise condition and chances of getting infection remains very high. In pregnancy eating outside restaurant food is absolutely not recommended. Chances of getting stomach infection and loose motion is very high in such kind of foods. Your small mistake can cost you baby. If you have cravings then you can eat small portions once in a month. But still risk is there of getting acidity or gas heartburn and even loose motion. Take care of yourself.
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Question: Can i eat chinese food once in a while.
Answer: U shud avoid avoid outside food during pregnancy n eat home made healthy food....yes once in a while u can have bt try to avoid
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Question: Shall we eat outside food in pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. However make sure you have in moderation and not too often. Take care.
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Question: Can we eat maggie once in 16th week of pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear, i can understand the craving and i t's good to have healthy snacks.  Maggi noodles have got a kind of wax on it which keeps it from sticking together which takes one day to get digested that's why it's best to avoid. You can have occasionally if you are craving .
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