39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we eat chappati after a c-section delivery??? What are the foods we can eat and foods we should avoid.. Plz reply

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Answer: after c section u have to avoid d food which cntn fat just like ghee because dey cause d problem in stitches if belly increase large
Answer: yes u can eat chapati avoid spicy and oily foods.
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Question: What are the foods we should avoid
Answer: Hey beautiful, I don't know whether you are pregnant of trying for pregnancy but in both the condition you should avoid tea, coffee, junk food , fried food and sweets. In fruits it's better to avoid pineapple, papaya all the varieties of melons and grapes. In vegetables you can eat any vegetable but in normal quantity because excess consumption of some vegetables like bitter gourd brinjal etc can cause harm to your pregnancy. Take care, Hope it helps.👍😃.
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Question: What are the vegetables can eat after c section delivery
Answer: dear I am also a c-section mother and my doctor told me that I can eat everything but portion control should be there so we should eat everything in moderation. just a boiled vegetables such as a potato which can produce acidity otherwise all vegetables are fine to eat. and take extra care of yourself because C section is a major surgery so take a proper rest and eat healthy diet.
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Question: What we should avoid to eat after c section delivery
Answer: Hi.. Dear breast feeding rule says you can have everything, but in moderate quantity.. You need to avoid junk, greasy, spicy and outside food completely.. Because It will affect your child's bowel movements..
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