8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can we drink real ka juice durring pregnancy

4 Answers
Answer: Hello! Avoid real or any packaged juices. These contain chemicals and preservatives and are loaded with sugar which is not at all good. Instead have homemade fresh juice or even better have the it as a fruit, you get the fibre too.
Answer: Yes
Answer: Yes
Answer: Y
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Question: Can i drink real juice?
Answer: Take anything natural food n fruits. Don't opt for ready mades. Don't take grapes , papaya, pineapple. Daily eat one guava. Eat morning 5 soaked almonds drink 2glasses of milk daily and 1 boiled egg.
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Question: Can I drink real juice
Answer: No dear...better avoid any packed juice..they contain preservatives and extra sugar. So better shift to fresh fruit juice.
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Question: hii can we drink Tropicana or Real juice during pregnancy? is it safe
Answer: Avoid taking packed juice.. Fresh juice is best during pregnancy
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