18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we drink one glass of pomegranate juice daily??

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Answer: There are lots of fruits and veggies available so why to stuck on one😆, it is not good that have single food or fruit daily as per my doctor so you should keep changing the diet , if you want to take pomegranate juice for iron then green vegetables, vegetables soup raisins, jaggery , beetroot etc also have lots of iron in itz try all food dear.
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Question: Can We use a glass of orange juice and pomegranate juice on alternative day??
Answer: Hey Dear, Fresh and seasonal fruits works wonders for both mother and baby. I would suggest if you can take raw fruits. it is best way to consume fruits. and coconut water on daily basis is also very good for both of you.
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Question: Can I drink 1 glass of sugar cane juice daily
Answer: Hello! Sugar juice is very healthy during pregnancy. But if you want to get it from the vendor then avoid as hygiene becomes a major concern and it is not safe. Take care
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Question: Can we drink sugarcane juice daily 1 glass per day??
Answer: Yes dear U can drink sugarcane juice in pregnancy. It is safe to drink but have in moderation if u have gestational diabetes because it contains a lots of sugar.
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