15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we drink mama protenix daily twice from 4th month ?? Without doctor prescription?? Because it will give high protein na

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Answer: Of course dear.I am also consuming the same when I asked my doc during routine check up she said its absolutely fine to take it .Take small teaspoon of it 2 times with lukewarm milk.
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    Malla Sumana8 days ago

    Thank you 😍

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Question: Hi doctor.. I am four months pregnant and I have my TT SO is it ok with my health and till how many month we will have TT?
Answer: There are two tt injections, one In 3rd to 5th month and another in 7th to 9th month. Ask your doctor when to have it and how much time gap needed. Tt injections are just to avoid any inflections in pregnancy. It'll helpful
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Question: Hi I'm 7 weeks 2 days. Wondering if a pale yellow discharge without any smell or pain normal during this phase. I will most likely have my first doctor visit next week. I have 2 queries 1. Is the pale yellow discharge normal? It started about 2 days ago 2. Are there internal scans done during the doctor visit? Pap smear, transvaginal etc. Can we refuse it?
Answer: Pale yellow discharge is normal, if its odorless. If there is smell, that could be due to infection. TVS is not so common during early pregnancy, some doctors do it though, esp if the scan is done quite early TVS will be clearer when compared to normal ultrasound.
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Question: I have a 4 month baby. Though I have a supply of BM, she is refusing to have it but she likes formula milk where I started feeling her from 3rd month.. My question is, having only formula milk will give any health issues in future? Pls suggest.. Also pls guide if I can start any semi solids like fruit puree from 5th month
Answer: Till the completion of sixth month, give milk only.. replace each FM with bm..once in three days.. slowly completely stop FM..its not good than bm
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