32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we drink ghee with kesar milk in 31st week of pregnancy ??? Pls answer...

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Answer: Dear Kesar milk with ghee is very heavy and is not advisable to have in 8th month so please don't drink it. You can take this milk in the starting of 36 week that is in the starting of 9th month..
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    Shweta suryawanshi830 days ago

    Ok.... Thank u so much 😊☺️

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Question: Hello in 5th week pregnancy can we drink lemon juice
Answer: Yes absolutely you can..I used to have lemon water with honey in morning daily..it helps me to stay hydrated and also used to prevent nausea..it is safe..
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Question: can we drink turmeric milk in pregnency
Answer: Taking turmeric milk occasionally is not a issue at all please don't worry but please don't take it in a frequent basis
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Question: Can I drink milk with ghee in 27 weeks pregnancy? I am very constipated and want relief.
Answer: No no dear milk with ghee increases body heat and even can induce labour pain. That may leads to preterm delivery.
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