13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we do threading or waxing ??During this period??

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Answer: Threading is good but waxing not becoz it will give ur body jerk...
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Question: Can I do waxing during pregnancy ??
Answer: Hi friend. Waxing during pregnancy is not recommended. Your skin may be more sensitive than usual, making waxing more painful. It is better to avoid waxing during pregnancy. Take care.
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Question: what about waxing or threading at this time .is this okay?
Answer: Dear threading you can do during pregnancy ,even during my pregnancy i used to to do it every month. But waxing can cause skin rashes so better to take patch test before go for it.
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Question: During 13 weeks pregnant we can do eyebrow threading??
Answer: Yes absolutely you can get the threading done .no issues..even I used to do it during pregnancy period..it won't effect your baby in any way..
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