8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we do intercourse during 1st trimester

2 Answers
Answer: Hi...It is not advisable to have sex in first 3 months of pregnancy as fetus is Taking growth during this time. So, it can be harmful for the fetus.
Answer: It's better to avoid intercourse during first trimester as it is the most risky period..do it when you are in second trimester
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Question: Can pineapple be eaten during 1st trimester?
Answer: No dear not at all. Pineapple has a chemical that directly effect on uterine muscle. That can cause miscarriage. For sake of baby I think you can sacrifice eating pineapple for a season. Take care and maintain healthy diet.
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Question: Can I eat banana during 1st trimester
Answer: Bananas are absolutely safe for consumption during pregnancy. They contain plenty of nutrients which have several health benefits for both the mother and the baby. However, they should be consumed in moderation
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Question: Can we have sex during first trimester
Answer: Yes, you have srx during first trimester. But so carefully
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