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Question: Can we continue intercourse after fertile time?

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Answer: Yes dear U can continue intercourse after fertile time. No problem in that but ur chances of getting pregnant is very less after fertile days.
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Question: Can we continue intercourse after fertilization?
Answer: My dr suggested atleast u should not make relations for 3 months
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Question: Should we intercourse on fertile time .??
Answer: Hi! Yes if you are planning to get pregnant. You are at your fertile best when you intercourse within day or two when you ovulate. The ovulation happens about 14-16 days after the first day of your last period, If your cycle is 28 days long. An egg lives for about 12-24 hours after being released from the ovary. Good luck!
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Question: When we can continue intercourse during pregnàncy?
Answer: till 9 month u can have sex.. if u hav normal pregnancy. .nd dont have any complications in pre
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Question: in fertile days we can regularly intercourse or alternate???
Answer: Alternate day intercourse is good as the quality of sperm will be better if intercouse done on alternate days
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