6 months old baby

Question: Can we add cow milk & suger in rice mixed grained for 6month baby

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Answer: Sugar and salt r not necessary for babies . Basically the salts and sweetness present in grains r sufficient for them so plz don't add excess sugar.
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Question: Can we add suger or salt in rice for 6month baby. How shall i fed
Answer: Please don't add sugar or salt in your baby's diet it will harm your baby ...feed her without Salt and sugar...
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Question: Can we give sabudana water to 6month baby. & in how much quantity. & also can we add suger in it.
Answer: Is Sabudana water important? There r number of things u can give little one like rice water, pulse water apple skewed, banana meshed,nd some other fruit puree.you can add some vegetable also. No suger is not added in baby food. Every friut has there own sweetness. If u want to add suger, u can add some formulla milk.
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Question: Can we add ghee for 6month baby
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. Make sure you have in small quantity and increase it gradually. Take care.
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Question: Can we add cow milk to puree 6month old child
Answer: Yes u can.. up to 30 ml u can add
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