11 months old baby

Question: Can watermelon to be given in winter season for my 11month old daughter

Answer: Hi plz avoid giving watermelon during winter as it is cold by properly. U can give warm soup to ur baby like tomato chicken to keep a good balance of liquid food.
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Question: Apple can be given in winter season of 13 months old baby
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,apple can be given in boiled mashed form.this way it is safe to be given to babies even in winter.
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Question: Can I use coconut oil for massaging my 2month old baby in winter season
Answer: Hi,yes you can you should warm a little and massage with it ,this will help to provide lubriatuon to the muscles and will also give strength to the muscles
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Question: Can I give banana puree in winter season for my 7 month old baby?
Answer: Hi dear yes I can give but make sure to give it in 1st half of the day. Avoid giving if baby has cold and cough. Give it in moderate qty. It is very good foe digestion and contains pottaisum and other necessary neutrients.
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