22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii..can watermelon juice or watermelon b eaten during 21 week

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Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can have watermelon, it is rich in vitamin, minerals, water content, helps in preventing dehydration
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Question: Watermelon can be eaten during early pregnancy
Answer: Yes it is safe to eat watermelon.... Yes it has high water content... So it is good to eat
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Question: can i tke watermelon juice during pregnency
Answer: Yes u can very well have it daily in the morning to have a fresh and soothing start. 1. It eases heartburn and reduces swelling. 2. I high water content and fruit sugar helps in aleviating morning sickness and dehydration 3.Minerals of watermelon helps in preventing third trimester muscle cramps 4. It boosts immunity and reduces constipation problem so have watermelon daily without any fear
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Question: Can we take watermelon juice
Answer: Yes ofcourse you can. Just make sure there's not too much added sugar. Also it's so much better to eat the fruit than to drink juices. But a treat once in a while is perfectly fine. ☺️
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