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Question: can vitamin c help to stop the.amnoitic fluid leakage i.e can heal.the leakage...?

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Answer: Hi dear plz don't take any medicine urself. There is no relation of leakage with vitamin c intake. U need to get connected to doctor for proper medication
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Question: How to identify fluid leakage???
Answer: It will wet all your clothes, flow is more heavy the blood flow in periods
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Question: How to know amniotic fluid leakage
Answer: Hello dear,  Mostly pregnent women think. This water comes from their amniotic fluid. But this is not true. Sometimes watery licking is normal like white discharge. You can check urself. When it comes,  Basically lay down and relax for 30 minutes, then get u and see if you feel another rush or fluid. Immediately consult ur gynoclosit. If you don't get any liquid, it was probably not amniotic fluid before.because amniotic fluid will keep coming out. Hope it helped ,Take care urself...  
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Question: how to identify the amniotic fluid leakage
Answer: If you notice a warm clear fluid suddenly flowing out of your vagina, it could be your water breaking. Usually, the amniotic fluid sac in which your baby is floating ruptures about 24 to 48 hours before labor starts. Sometimes, this fluid could be mistaken for urinary leakage or an increase in vaginal discharge, both common during pregnancy. If you’re not sure whether this is a urine leak, discharge, or a break in the amniotic fluid sac, you can perform this simple test at home: Go to the bathroom, empty your bladder and then put on clean undergarments and a large panty liner. Once done, lay down for about half an hour and then stand up. If your water is breaking, you will likely wet your panty liner again when you stand up. If the panty liner remains dry, then what you’ve experienced could have been a urine leak or just extra vaginal discharge. In all cases, consult with your doctor to clear up your doubts.
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Question: How to find amniotic fluid leakage?
Answer: Amniotic fluid leakage sometimes occurs during pregnancy. The amniotic fluid is usually clear and doesn't have any smell. It is usually called as water break and when the water breaks the fluid from vagina leaks in more quantity. You will get to know as the other discharge are white watery in colour.
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