2 months old baby

Question: Can vaccination, pcv and rotavirus done on same day? Thought to get it done in 10th week so does it have any effect on My baby ?

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Answer: Hi! No dear it shud not be a problem fr the baby but a lot depends on wht ur Dr. suggests.. Thank.you!
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Question: hii..i vaccinated my baby in government.But they have not informed us to take rotavirus and pcv in private..Can we start rotavirus and pcv now?pls answer
Answer: These are the vaccination to put drom birth to 12 months.Birth-BCG,OPV 0,Hep-B 1 6 weeks-DTwP 1,IPV ,Hep-B 2,Hib 1,Rotavirus 1,PCV 1 10 weeks-DTwP 2,IPV 2,Hib 2,Rotavirus 2 ,PCV 2 14 weeks-DTwP 3,IPV 3,Hib 3,Rotavirus 3 ,PCV 3 6 months- OPV 1, Hep-B 3 9 months- OPV 2, MMR 1 9-12 months- Typhoid Conjugate vaccine 12 months- Hep-A 1
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Question: I missed my babies 6 weeks pcv and rota vaccination so is it ok to give her 1st does on 10th week
Answer: Hi.. Dear please take care of these things, it is very important for your child 's health.. Get it done as soon as possible without any delay..
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Question: Rotavirus 1 and PCV 1 vaccination is taken in 6 weeks..Is it complusory to take rotavirus 2 and PCV 2 in 10 weeks??
Answer: Hi dear ,yes because the course should be completed.it us imp.to take the vaccines Please don't ignore them. Take care
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