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Question: Can V Wash be used in pregnancy?

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Answer: Hi dear, V wash is to be used only if you have any issues with discharge or itching. Usually if there is any urinary infection or yeast infection ,you are recommended V wash to maintain the pH.else wash the area with plain water.keep the area clean and dry.
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Question: V wash can be used during pregnancy for cleaning purpose or it will harm??
Answer: No i would not suggest using v wash because it can change the ph of your vagina making it easier for infections to occur you can clean the area with plain water and dab it dry.
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Question: Which soap, shampoo, face wash can be used during pregnancy?
Answer: Mamaearth products are best for pregnancy time because they were very mild.
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Question: Can we use v wash in pregnancy.
Answer: Hello dear... No,it is advisable to avoid v wash ,it disturb ph balance,you can have mild soap with water will be effective
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Question: Can i use v wash in pregnancy
Answer: Hi vagina is self cleaning and we actually do not need any kind of intimate wash to clean that area but I would suggest you to use a water based wash if you are very keen to use it otherwise sometimes usage of this kind of wash can disturb the pH balance and can cause yeast infection in the vagina so it is better to avoid .. Hope this helps!
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