Few days old baby

Question: can v mix khichdi with milk n give? some says v can't as khichdi has salt

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Answer: Not dear plzzz don't give khichdi with milk its not good for skin.u can give kheer and mix sum fruits
Answer: Milk and salt together casues skin alergies.... make khichari without salt and serve with milk
Answer: Not dear plzzz don't give khichdi with milk its not good for skin.
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Question: Can i take covid vaccine... As some people says you can take...some says no..
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood dear covid vacination s not safe 4 breast feeding moms .. so avoid going for vacination untill u r feeding to baby .its not safe 4 u .take care.
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Question: Can I feed Marie biscuit mix with little water as my baby has completed 180 days
Answer: No biscuits are not recommended for babies please give vegetable or fruit purees or finger millet milk porridge and rice porridge
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Question: 15days old baby boy.. milk is not enough.. if v give formula milk it coming out as loose motions.. can v give packet milk? Pasteurized milk?
Answer: No... Dont prefer packet milk.. It can be heavy for child.. For increasing breast milk take half a tea spoon cumin seeds - Jeera with milk two to three time a day and also eat wheat Daliya with milk once in two days. You can decrease the amount of formula milk and everything he feels hungry first make him breastfeed. Pls. Follow me❤
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