32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can v hv sex in 8th mnth ?

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Answer: Sex during pregnancy may not be safe for women with a history of repeated miscarriages, preterm labor, bleeding, or an incompetent cervix or you have cramps or pain in abdomen or you feel any discomfort after sex . If you dont have the above conditions you can have sex.
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    ZEAL ZENITH563 days ago

    Its better to avoid sex during 1st trimester that is first 3 months and last 6 weeks of pregnancy because it may cause preterm labour or premature leaking and may also lead to infection...blood volume increases during pregnancy and is maximum during 8th month so sex can increase cardiac load too

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Question: Can i hv sex in 2nd mnth
Answer: Hi Dear ,so sex during pregnancy really depends how smooth and low risk your pregnancy is . If your doctor didn't advise any precaution then its completely fine to have sex but if there is a little complication is included then its better to wait till delivery..
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Question: can v hv sex in 7th month
Answer: Unless your health care provider advises you otherwise, sex during pregnancy is safe for both you and your baby. The baby is protected by the amniotic fluid in the womb, by your abdomen, and by themucus plug which seals your cervix and helps guard against infections.
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Question: Can i have sex in 8th mnth
Answer: Hi Yes ,you can have when you are having normal.pregnancy,sex is safe although as your third trimester running and you get bigger and you may have to be creative about your positioning during sex to avoid discomfort.and sex not be safe in some cases those are your placenta covers all or part of your cervix means u may have placebta previa problem,and you have vaginal bleeding,or your water has broken ,or you had a history of preterm labour,or having cerival insufficiency in this cases sex is not safe.
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Question: can v have sex in 8th month
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy you can have sex if your pregnancy is not complicated choose a position their pressure is not applied on your baby bump using condoms is also very important all the best
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