14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can v have mangoes during pregnancy ??

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Answer: Yes u can have....it has many benefits
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    Aanchal Agarwal1184 days ago

    It won't induce more heat na ?

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    G R Sneha Vinothkumar1184 days ago

    Have it in limits..no problem

Answer: Yes you can
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Question: Can i have mangoes during Breastfeeding??
Answer: You van have all and any fruits while breastfeeding. Allergy from fruit is highly uncommon. Eat everything in moderation. Whatever you eat, its taste is passed on to the baby visa breast milk. So breastmilk is one of the best ways to introduce baby to new taste. Making it easier for you when you introduce solids later, as baby's taste buds will have know the flavors already. 
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Question: We can have mangoes during breastfeeding time.
Answer: highest value definitely have mangoes when your breastfeeding your baby. mango want effective breast milk for baby in anyways so having one medium size mango daily is good for you. don't have too much of it as it will only increase your unnecessary weight now
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Question: Can i have mangoes during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi. Yes you can have mangoes. 1 medium size mango is enough to have. As its high in sugar and also increases weight rapidly avoid haVibg too much of it.
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