1 months old baby

Question: Can v give gripewater to onemonth baby

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Answer: Hi Dear i had the same question when my baby was small and i consulted with doctor. Ghutti and gripe water are not advisable by the doctors. according to them they make baby cranky, spoil the digestion system, sometimes they may be cause of allergy, they have contain sugar in big amount which can increase the risk of tooth decay, gripe water and ghutti may affect baby's feeding habit. Some gripe water contains alcohol and artificial flavors which are very harmful for babies they also contains baking soda. baking soda should not given to colicky. So its better to avoid.
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Question: When to give gripewater to baby
Answer: Hello dear. This can cause too much alkalinity and worsen colic symptoms. Watch out for gripe water containing peppermint. You should also avoid gripe water containing gluten, dairy, parabens, and vegetable carbon. Although gripe water is generally safe, it's not recommended for babies younger than 1 month. This is used for colic in babies. You can consult your pediatrician and ask for any colic drops or syrup. Take care.
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Question: Can I give gripewater.. my baby is 1month 27days
Answer: No dear. You should not give any kind of water to your baby till 6 months. Baby should only be given breast or formula milk till 6 months of age.. Gripe water is given to relieve colic and other gastrointestinal ailments and discomfort of kids..however we better avoid this for babies under 6 months for age.
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Question: Can I give gripewater or bonnisan
Answer: Gripe water is not recommended by doctors due to high preservatives in it. Old ladies used to give gripe water because of tummy problems in babies...which can be cure by taking few things in mind. Always burp baby after every feed...give tummy time and massage baby tummy in circular motion to avoid any gas formation or release if unnecassary gas
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