3 months old baby

Question: can v apply Vicks on chest foot for my 3 mnths baby..as he is having cold..

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Answer: never use Vicks to ur children below two years the manufacturer itself has given caution not to use check in the bottle Vicks or other rubefacient cause a temporary cooling effect to make us feel good medically they are not effective instead worsens or even clots the mucus
Answer: don't apply Vicks on ur Baby's body, coz ur baby is so small u can use syrub suggested by paediatrician n baby is having cold n baby is breastfeeding then u should b careful abt ur diet whatever u r taking it will effect on ur baby so b careful.
Answer: no . please don't use. babies skin are the most sensitive one. like a tissue paper. they can't tolerate the chemical reaction if any is produced.
Answer: don't apply Vick's.. instead of applying brandy. o u can make potli of ajwain, Lasan, n Kapoor.. n put on thread. n so it is affected
Answer: o dear... instead of dis giv ajwain ka sek nagarwel pan ka sek... Apply dr brandy on feet n chest or bck... consult ur pedestrian...
Answer: u can apply only on baby's feet n make him/her wear sock I do the same thing for my daughter n son
Answer: no dear dont use vicks for small babies.. u can use garlic to prevent him from cold
Answer: No ek hankie mei apply kr ke baby ke pillow ke pass rakh de dont apply directly
Answer: No..not at all..vicks is not good for childrens below 2 yrs old
Answer: avoid on vhest instead apply on feet n make baby wear socks
Answer: Vicks is not recommended to use for child
Answer: noo don't apply vicks
Answer: no..
Answer: no
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Answer: Btr use home remedy as kalai dal roster at mustrd oil...use the oil...useful for you n the baby
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Answer: No. Just keep feeding the baby at regular intervals and you can use nasal drops paed prescribed. Baby is very sensitive at this age. Using Vicks or other products and eucalyptus can cause asthma at later stage.
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