11 months old baby

Question: Can u plz tell me is it serious i am sending u my ultrasound report:uterus is bulky in size, approx 7.87x5.1x3.0 cm,myometrial echoes are homogenous, endometrial thickness is 10.9 mm and shows a heteroechonic focal lession measuring 12.7x15.4 mm in fundus which appears to be showing loss of junctional zone interphase superiorly and vessels are seen in the adjacent myometrium vascularised RPOC clots.

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Question: DEPARTMENT OF ULTRASONOGRAPHY REPORT ON EXAMINATION OF PREGNANCY LMP = 09.02.2019 ; POA = 6 weeks 3 days. UTERUS Uterus is enlarged is size. No focal mass is seen in myometrium. Internal os is closed. Cervix is normal. GESTATIONAL SAC Single intrauterine gestational sac with a foetal pole is noted in upper uterine cavity. No obvious cardiac pulsation seen. C.R.L = 6.1 mm. - corresponds to 6 weeks 3 days. Choriodecidual reaction is good. Both ovaries and adnexae are normal. IMPRESSION: Bulky uterus contains a gestational sac with a foetal pole of about 6 weeks 3 days maturity at POA of 6 weeks 3 days. No obvious cardiac pulsation seen. What do u think about this report of mine is it normal
Answer: Hi. Thats normal and it conforms you are pregnant for 6 weeks 3 days and your sac and fetus is seen but cardiac activity that is fetus didnt getcits heart beat.. Thats normal as fetus ll get its heartbeat between 8-10 weeks and now you are just 6 weeks...so repeat a scan by consulting doctor to check the heart beat..do not worry..take good rest
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