34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can u suggest for normal delivery what I do for this?

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Answer: Hi. Try below things. Have Dates Studies have shown that having dates is beneficial towards having an easier and faster labour experience.  Do Squats Daily Squats is the most beneficial exercise for every woman looking forward to delivery close to their due date. Only if you do t have any complocation and your do tor allows. Practice Breathing Techniques Labour is an extremely painful experience for any woman. Breathing helps the woman in labour to adapt to the pain better and also helps in relaxing her. Take Walks Along with squats, walking is a great exercise for a woman in the later stages of pregnancy to help her to have an easy delivery. Consume Vitamin-Rich Foods Vitamins like A, B, C and E are vital to maintain hormonal balance in the later stages of pregnancy as well as to tone the uterus to have a speedy normal delivery with little to no medical interventions. 
Answer: Walk more, do household works, practice prenental yoga, use indian style rest rooms than the western one. Be very cautious when you do yoga.. consult your doctor and what type of exercises can be done.
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    Pooja Yadav30 days ago

    Which type of household works?

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    Sandhya M27 days ago

    You can sweep and mop the floor your house daily.

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    Sandhya M15 days ago

    Mainly sweeping and mobbing the floors, washing vessels. Make sure you consume food by sitting on floor rather on chair

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Question: What u will suggest for Normal delivery??
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Little exercise helps to relax muscles and increase chances of normal pregnancy. Walking is best in pregnancy. It also helps to digest food. As the muscles get lose the chances of normal delivery will be increased. Yoga is also considered best but you should perform it with two conditions one is you should permission from your doctor second is you should perform only under the guidance of an expert. You can go through home page to find tips, diet, recipes and different kinds of exercises with videos they help a lot. But please consult doctor before starting any exercise as they know your condition better. Take care
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Question: Can u suggest tips for normal delivery
Answer: Hi Dear! Getting mentally prepared fr Normal delivery is important..Do not panic or get anxious unnecessarily, going for the regular check ups, taking a full fruit and egg daily to get nutrients will help.. Do your daily household chores without much straining walk slow for 30 min or do yoga under supervision of trainers.. Avoid stress...be relaxed happy and positive abt yourself.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Plz suggest what can i do for a normal delivery
Answer: Walking for half an hour daily will 90% result in normal delivery and this half an hour of walk is not mandatory to be done at a time, 5 min at a time is also enough.
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