3 months old baby

Question: Can u please tell me about pneumococcal vaccination...plsss

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Answer: these vaccine is available at government hospital at free of cost n it is given from 6 week of Baby....I hope if government is lot for us then why should we go to private hospital and have the vaccine and moreover the private doctor purchase the vaccine from government hospital
Answer: this vaccines prevents pneumonia in future Nd thr are 2 types of vaccines in this 10 strains 13 strains.....i chose 13 strains which costs me 3800..
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    Sneha Punjwani1380 days ago

    Ye kb tk lag jate h

Answer: we r not getting pnemococal at goverment hsptl even pcv so im getting that from private hsptl
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    Sravya Kaka1371 days ago

    Im from Guntur in A.P....we r not getting that even if we ask also they r saying we dont knw abut that vaccine....so im getting that from private hospital

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Question: Pls explain about pneumococcal vaccination
Answer: Pneumococcal vaccine is a type of vaccination that protect our children from the harmful infection caused by the pneumococcal bacteria and prevent them from the disease like meningitis pneumonia .This bacteria is also responsible for ear infection in the baby.It is very important to give this vaccine to our baby below the age of two year.This vaccine have three series of doses each should be taken at age of 8 weeks,16 weeks and 12-15 month.There are two types of vaccine (pcv) and (ppv) .pcv 13 vaccine is given to infant which protect them against 13 types of harmful bacteria and ppv which above 2 year.This vaccine is given to our baby by injection
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Question: My baby is 9 months 3 week old. Can u please tell me about the vaccination(immunization )
Answer: Hi dear. first of all we must be given vaccination chart from your doctor and if not then ask one from your doctor in your next visit touch and as your baby is most about to 10 month then she must be given influenza shot if not given till now
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Question: Please provide details about pneumococcal vaccination
Answer: Pneumococcal vaccination Is an optional one...it's not available in govt hospitals .if we want ,we have to put in private only..it fights against pneumonia fever....but if u go for private hospital they advise to have this vaccination...
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