6 months old baby

Question: Can u please give me food chart for 6 months old baby and please mention how much quantity of food to give???

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Answer: Please read the following recommendations 1. Solids should be started around 180 days or when the baby meets readiness criteria mentioned in point.3. Till then only Breastmilk/FormulaMilk. 2. Also till 1 year bm/fm is the main source of nutrition. 3. Readiness of the baby should be tested which includes, baby able to sit with support, able to sit in tripod position for few seconds, lost tongue thrust. 4. Baby should be seated in upright position for feeding. Can be in your lap or booster chair or high chair. Lying down or in inclined position are choking hazards 5. At 6 months, baby needs one meal only. Start veggies steamed & mashed, porridges or fruits. 6. Mashing is not mandatory. Though babies do not have teeth, their gums are strong enough to bite. If your baby is able to take family food, is fine to offer as-is(unmashed) from the start. Also most of the ripen fruits can be offered just slightly hand mashed (if required) and veggies can be steamed/boiled and hand mashed. Remember the fruit/veg looses its texture (which doesn't help them in learning curve) while mashing and also becomes difficult to change later. 7. No dal water, soups, juices, shakes, smoothies, rice water and other diluted drinks. 8. Porridges should not be watery. It should be thick enough not to fall off the spoon. 9. Watery dishes have very less nutrition and can fill up their stomach replacing the nutritious breast milk. 10. Adding breast milk or formula will mask the original taste of the food. Also will be difficult while transition to family food. 11. For 7 months, 2 meals or 1 meal+ 1snack. Increment by 1 meal for every month. 12. Gradually move on to family food minus salt, sugar and less spices by 7-8 months. L 13. Babies doesn't know sweet or salt taste unless we introduce it. So do not worry the food is bland. 14. Sweetening of food/porridges are not recommended even it is with fruits, dates, etc because it might become a habit in no time and will be difficult to change. 15. Do not always have backups or alternatives for foods of baby's choice. Just offer what the family eats minus salt and sugar. Else baby will avoid what we offer, knowing that he/she will get his favorites. 16. By 1 year, baby should be taking 3 meals + 1 or 2 snacks. 17. No Cerelac, biscuits and other packaged and processed foods. They are just loaded with sugar and not healthy. 18. No salt, No Sugar/honey/palm sugar/jaggery/palm jaggery, dates syrup till 1 yr. White sugar can be avoided as long as possible 19. It is best to try all the allergens like nuts, egg, fishes, etc before 8months. It reduces the risk/severity of allergies if any. 20. Nuts needs to be tested individually before powdering and offering together. When you try the first time, offer it in the first half of the day and look out for allergies like rashes, itching, redness, loosies, etc. Please Check with your pediatrician in case of such allergies. 21. A few sips of water can be offered post meal mainly for oral hygiene. You use spoons or straw cups for water. 22. If the baby is breastfed on demand, water can be skipped. However a few sips can be offered for oral hygiene. 23. No Cow's/animal's milk as a drink till 1 year as it has complex proteins difficult for babies to digest. However a small amount can be used in dishes like porridges. 24. Offer a variety of tastes and texture so that baby gets used to it all. 25. Giving the same food for 3 or more days rule is obsolete now. A new item can be introduced every day. 26. Let the baby decide the quantity. Do not force feed or distraction feed. It is absolutely fine even if only a few spoons. 27. Always bf/ff first and then offer solids after 30-45 mins in case of bf and 1-1.5hrs in case of ff. 28. Babies need good fats like ghee, unsalted butter, coconut, etc.
Answer: Hi.. Dear milk remains the prior part of your baby's diet other than that you need to experiment with your baby's favourite choices.. Make new dishes and see which your toddler likes.. You can make different porridges (vegetable khichdi, lentils and rice, only veggies), make different soups, give mashed potatoes, you can also give suji dishes (DO NOT ADD SUGAR OR SALT IF YOUR BABY IS YOUNGER THAN AN YEAR).. Also, try to include wheat bran, cashew nuts, and pumpkin seeds in your child 's meal.. It helps in building appetite.. Start with a small bowl of dish.. Then increase gradually..
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Answer: Hii dear .now u should start giving solid to ur baby. Do make sure to give semi solid food. U should continue giving ur milk till 1year of age as well start first giving solid once in a day and slowly increase it to 3 to 4 time. U can give rice , lentils fruits , vegetables suji . But make sure to repeat the same thing for 3 days to check if baby is not having allergy of anYthg. Don't rush to introduce so many thing. Stay slow. Don't give salt sugar honey non veg and cow milk to baby till 1 year of age as it can affect baby kidney functioning.u can give almost 3 ounce of water to baby in 24 hours while feeding ur baby. It is not very necessary for baby to have high qty of water as baby will be taking milk. All the best. 
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Question: 7 months baby food chart and how much quantity of food to be given.?
Answer: Hi dear, following are items: Breast milk or formula milk. Pureed fruits (banana, pears, apple,peaches, avocado) Pureed vegetables (well-cooked carrots, sweet potato) Pureed tofu or cottage cheese Small amounts of unsweetened yogurt (no cow's milk until age 1) Pureed pulses. Iron-fortified cereal (oats, barley) How much per day 1 teaspoon fruit, gradually increased to 2 or 3 tablespoons in four feedings 1 teaspoon vegetables, gradually increased to 2 or 3 tablespoons in four feedings 3 to 9 tablespoons cereal in 2 or 3 feedings
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Question: What kind of food i can give to my 6 month baby and how much quantity ?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,you can start giving solid diet along with breastfeed.remember the motive is to introduce variety of solids for taste and texture and not to increase weight through it.start very slow by introducing one solid at a time.watch out for any kind of indigestion or allergies.Home cooked food is more beneficial as they are fresh and free from any preservatives. Try giving him mashed banana,boiled mashed apple.ragi porridge with pinch of jaggery. Mashed boiled rice with daal water. Clear vegetable soups,tomato soups .mashed veggies like carrot and potato.homecooked idly is easy to digest too.khichdi is excellent now.you can also add some spices like jeera to add flavor.remember not to put salt in food before 1 year.youay add just a pinch so it doesn't appear bland.beleive me that much salt is just right.donot introduce cow milk products before 1 year,as this could give baby lactose intolerance.whole wheat roti dipp d it daal could also be given .juices should always be given in diluted form and never concentrated from.biscuits should be avoided too.try giving twicw a day with one bowl.then increase the quantity each week or two.Alsoer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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