5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can u please give me diet chart

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Answer: Hello.. during pregnancy your diet should contain all nutrients that needed for your baby's development,hope this chart may help After wake-up milk Breakfast Idly Dhosai Aloo paratha Sevai Veg Poha For sabji use lot of vegetables Prefer veg chutney You can also have sathu mavu porridge Mid morning a bowl of fruits or ABC juice Lunch Roti Rice Sambar Rasam Buttermilk Two veg poriyal If you are non vegetarian have chicken,egg,fish, weekly twice.. Evening snacks Dry fruits,milk, makhana,Dundalk Dinner Chappati Idly Idyappam Prefer steamed items Before bed warm milk
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Question: Hello Doctor my baby boy is now 8th month old. Please give me the diet chart..
Answer: I would suggest you to give home cooked food in semi solid version..like vegetable khichdi in watery form..you may also give idly with curd,upma,poha .. I used to give roti dipped in daal.by now I started little ghee in food too..also give fruits now...hope baby gains weight ......
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Question: Can u suggest me best diet chart for 21month+ baby
Answer: Hi dear your child is about to 2 yr old child feed everything whatever you are cooking and serving to other family members.... Cereals , pulses , veggies , fruits nuts and diary products should be included in everyday diet . As per my experience don't bound yourself in any plan as it's hard to follow and chd will also not stic then it will result into frustration ..So follow 3 meals and 2 snack plan with wide range of food. Hope this will help .Best wishes 💝
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Question: Hi can anyone give me diet chart aft c section delivery
Answer: Hi...After delivery eat whatever u likes and it should be homemade only. Avoid having foods that create gas and have food that can be easily digest. Have more water, the more water u drink, the more milk u will produce. Have more ghee so that ur stitches can heal up soon.
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