28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can u eat dum aloo made at home in curd

2 Answers
Answer: Hi.. Yes, dear you can suffice your craving of having dum aloo (homemade) in curd. But, have it in moderate quantity it should be less spicy.
Answer: Hi dear surely u can have homemade food. There is no such issue in having it. Make sure it must Not be spicy or oily.
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Question: can i eat home made aloo papad in 9th week??
Answer: Hi! Papad or processed foods are asked to be avoided as they can cause gastric problems. Homemade should be fine in moderation, however please do consult your Doctor before you decide to have them.
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Question: Can I eat home made tomato pickle with curd rice
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. Usually pregnant women will have cravings for foods like pickles and ice cream. Having pickle ones in a while in moderation would be fine and would not cause any harm. Take care
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Question: can I eat dosa made at home, even batter made at home...I like very much...pls advise
Answer: Hi! Yes dear please have dosa, no probllem. Good luck!
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Question: Can i eat potato french fries made at home
Answer: Yes you can eat but dont eat much as it can increase acid so heart burn will be more
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