12 months old baby

Question: Can u anyone tell me homemade cerelac for 12 and 16 months old baby

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Answer: Hello dear...Home made cerelac powder is very nutrious, it is very helpful for babies to gain weight,it is loaded with lot of minerals,vitamins and antioxidants.. Ingredients Green gram 1 cup, Ragi 1 cup, Bajra 1 cup, Channa dal 1 cup, Roasted dal 1 cup, Groundnut 1 cup, Cashew 1/2 cup, Almonds 1/2 cup , Pistachio 50 gm, Dry ginger 25 gm, Ajwan seeds 10 gm, Eaichi 5 to 10 pods Method of preparation Dry roast all the powder separately, until it's nice aroma smell, Sun dry after roasting for one or two days, Put in a mixer , grind coarsely and make powder. Preparation of porridge For porridge mix 2 tablespoon of this powder with water or milk,stir them continuously ,boil them for five minutes,stir them continuously without any lumps , you can add palm sugar,and make it to porridge consistency and serve.
Answer: 1 ) youtube has lots of babies recipe... My fav for my son is normal ghar ka khana.Just take small chapati thin...Grind in mixer with Little jaggery, then put some warm milk keep 3-5 mins...And grind in smooth paste ... Add little more milk as per the consistency you want and serve as warm as possible...
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Question: Can anyone tell me the recipe of homemade cerelac for 12 to 15 years old baby
Answer: 12 to 15 months u can give ceralac made of Tur dal Rice yellow moong dal Chana dal urad dal ragi and kaju Badam. Wash everything Dry them Roast them on slow flame Grind them. Whenever wants to eat take the powder in a pan add water and simmer for 5 minutes Ur ceralac is ready
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Question: Hi..could anyone tell me receipe for homemade cerelac
Answer: Wash the rice well and let it dry well in sun. She has a big terrace where we could do this, else you could dry in air for some time and then dry roast in a heavy bottomed kadai. Now take a heavy bottomed pan or kadai and roast the rice till they get nicely crispy. You must keep stirring constantly. This should take a few minutes. Now allow it to cool down. Take small quantities in the spice jar of your mixer and grind them into a fine powder. Store in air-tight jars. When you want to use this homemade cerelac/ porridge, just take a couple of spoons in a bowl and add boiling hot water. Leave it covered for about 5 minutes and TADA!!, your baby’s food is ready.
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Question: Plz tell me homemade cerelac for 6 months baby
Answer: Homemade cerelac for babies traditionally known as sathu maavu is one of the most nutritious and healthy weight gaining foods for your child. While the recipe given below gives you suitable quantities of all the ingredients, you can customize this cerelac recipe by changing these amounts depending on your baby’s need and her body’s requirement. Baby having a meal Ingredients for Homemade Cerelac: 1. One and half a cup white/brown rice. 2. One cup urad dal (split black gram) 3. One cup hara chana (green gram) 4. One cup moong dal (split green gram) 5. One cup bhuna chana (roasted gram) 6. One cup masoor dal (split red lentils) 7. One cup dalia(broken wheat) 8. Half a cup sabudana (sago) 9. Half a cup chana dal (horse gram) 10. Half a cup corn 11. Half a cup almonds 12. Half a cup cashew 13. 8-10 pods elaichi (cardamom) Homemade Cerelac Recipe for 8 months baby: Watch this Do It Yourself video. It contains the whole process of the recipe. Then read the steps below to learn and understand the recipe better. Make sure you watch it in full screen for the best experience. Step by Step Recipe for Home made Cerelac 1. Soak all the ingredients except for almonds, cashews, and cardamom in water overnight. Rinse and dry them properly the next day. Soaked ingredients except for nuts 2. After this, dry roast all the ingredients as follows ~Rice: Roast the rice grains till they become puffed and grow in size. ~Pulses and Dalia: Roast them till they turn golden brown and a little crispy. For hara chana, roast till its color changes from green to mild brown. ~Sabudana: Roast till it becomes crispy and a little dry. ~Bhuna chana: It will require a little roasting so that it becomes dry and relatively more crispy. ~Corn: Dry roast till it becomes crispy or starts crackling. ~Almond and Cardamom: Roast till their aroma starts rising. ~Cashew: Roast till it turns golden-brown. Dry roasting the ingredients 3. Allow all the constituents to cool down for some time. 4. Now, powder all the roasted ingredients in a mixer or blender Putting roasted. ingredients in mixture to grind 5. Sift the ground flour to make it finer. 6. Store the sifted fine flour in an airtight container. It can be stored and used safely for 4-6 months. Before Serving the Homemade Cerelac to your baby keep these in mind: 1. Take a cup of milk and let it boil. 2. Add two tablespoons of the homemade cerelac to the boiled milk and stir to remove the lumps. This way the mixture would form a paste, add some more milk if needed. 3. Once done, put off the flame. 4. Serve warm. 1. You can add mashed fruits like bananas, apples or chikoo (sapota) to enhance the taste and nutritional content of the dish. 2. You can add jaggery to sweeten the cerelac. Avoid using sugar as much as possible.
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