38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can the water break during sex?

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Answer: Yes dear , in third trimester water bag can break because of sex..
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Question: Can the water break during sex? Im currently 26 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, Sex in pregnancy is safe unless you have any further complications.only if you have any sort of complications related to pregnancy,there could be risk involved,like bleeding or water break etc.otherwise ,it is quite safe.
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Question: what r the symptoms of water break??
Answer: When you are pregnant and your water breaks(membranes rupture), you may have a sudden gush of fluid running down your legs but often, you will just have a trickle or slow leak, or your underwear will feel wet. When you just have a leak, it may be hard to tellthe source of the fluid.
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Question: what are the reasons of water break?
Answer: most causes are infections of uterus, cervix or vagina.. if there is too much fluid, or more than one baby putting pressure on the membranes... these are the reasons of early water break... al the best
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