23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can some one suggest some good English book to read.. I am 22 weeks pregnant

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Answer: U can read pregnecy related articles on internet/u shd buy from market thr are many options.
Answer: Shiva triology
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Question: Can please suggest me some good book to read?
Answer: Hi ma'am you can read spiritual books if you have interest it will also be good for baby because that gives you positive feeling... Also have read almost all books of Robin sharma the one I love to read is the monk who sold his Ferrari..his books are really inspirational... Also you can read about new borns it will help you further..take care
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Question: Hi.. Please suggest me a good book to read.. Either in English or Tamil..
Answer: गर्भसंस्कार by वैद्य श्री बालाजी may have good impact on your baby hence make sure you read something that keeps you stress free.. Humor is a nice choice and ho for पुलं देशपांडे ,द ता भोसले, द मा मिरासदार You can also read poems by poets such as मंगेश पाडगावकर. Hope this helps.
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Question: I m 20 week pregnant now...I want to read some spiritual book for baby. so can you suggest me what type of book I have to read?
Answer: Spiritual books are good to read during pregnancy but they could be taxing at the same time. Books with baby pics and what to do to convey to the baby that u love and care for him and remain positive and happy I am sure all will be well.
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Question: Can any one suggest a good story book so that I can read to my 4mth baby..
Answer: you can read rhymes book in front of your baby your baby is only four months your baby's not able to understand stories
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