15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can sex is safe during second trimester of pregnancy. Is there any harm to the baby during sex

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Answer: Hi dear yes it is safe...but it is neccesary to keep in mind that no different positions or else it may harm baby n secondly there should b no pressure on ur stomch at all...slightly also if u feel pressure u should stop doing it immediately......u may hv urine infection too ...burning n all..so it's better if u avoid it...but if there are no ne conditiond as abov u can enjoy it
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Question: Is sex during 6 months of pregnancy is safe for the baby
Answer: Yes dear it is safe.we need to avoid sex in the first and third trimester of pregnancy but be careful plz consult doctor first and avoid if u have any complications.
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Question: How many times can i sex a week during second trimester of pregnancy
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy my husband wants to go 4 sex too. I ask to my dr she gives me green signal nd tells me if there s any complication as bleeding low lying placenta or pain then sex s not safe otherwise its safe but in side by side position nd once or twice in a week is safe. U can try it also if ur pregnancy s normal .
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Question: Is it safe to eat drumstick leaf curry during second trimester of pregnancy?
Answer: Yes it is good to increase your haemoglobin level but try take in small quantity as it is heat
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