34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can relations be made during pregnancy??

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Answer: it's completely safe until you are feeling uncomfortable with it.. the baby is already protected by the thick layer so if your partner is not that rough it's completely fine
Answer: 3rd trimester mein avoid karna hi better hoga.
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    Hemangi Asore876 days ago

    if there is no complications in ur case then u can can carry on

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Question: Is it fine to keep relations with partner during pregnancy?
Answer: hi ma'am yes you can have intercourse with your husband during pregnancy but it should be avoided during the first trimester of pregnancy because it is the time where babies growth gets placed and we must avoid having intercourse for the first three months after that you can have intercourse which will not cause any issue to their child if we are having the problem of low lying placenta or any other issues like bleeding you should avoid having intercourse without doctors advice
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Question: Can I have home made Maggi during 14 week pregnancy?
Answer: Congratulations on ur pregnancy.cravings are the best part of pregnancy.u can have whatever u feel to eat but in moderation.if ur health is fyn and baby growth is fyn u can have maggie very rarely just to reducw the craving.we all know maggie is made of maida which is not that easily digested.so take care
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Question: Can home made Pani Puri is safe during pregnancy? How much mint leaves can be consumed?
Answer: hi dear yes it is very safe you can eat homemade pani puri you can use mint leaves as per your wish but make sure the green chilli is you use is not too spicy that may cause you burning sensation
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