28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can posterior placenta become placenta priviea?

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Answer: Hii.. Don't get anxiety. It's absolutely wrong. Placenta having various attachement with uterus, posterior position is one of them which is normal. Hope it's helpful.
Answer: No posterior placenta dsnt.... instead anterior placenta is more likely to b placenta previa
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Question: Doctor can you explain me posterior placenta and anterior placenta
Answer: Dear the placenta develops wherever the fertilised egg attaches in your womb (uterus). An anterior placenta is positioned on the front wall of your womb, on your belly side. ... posterior is on the back the part closest to spine wall of your womb.... In both cases there is nothing to worry at all..
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Question: Posterior placenta. Can you explain.
Answer: Hello dear, placenta can form any where in you uterus. When it forms to the front part of your uterus i.e. towards your tummy are it's called anterior placenta. When it forms opposite side of your tummy i.e. towards your back it's called posterior placenta.
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Question: Posterior placenta can danger?
Answer: Hi dear Posterior placenta is absolutely fine n normal position.. head down, with his back against your back. This position usually means you'll feel kicks right at the front of your tummy, generally around the middle.
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