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Question: Can orange,can eaten if we doubt that we are planning so. Please suggest which fruits to be when we planning because i skipped periods for 15days. But once I ate green grapes i got my periods

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Answer: Orange is good.... U can eat... Pomegranate, apple, kiwi, oranges, banana,watermelon beetroot, are healthy fruits.... Avoid papaya, pineapple, grapes. Drink more water be hydrated....
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Question: can i take green & black grapes . which are the fruits that tobe taken daily and mostly
Answer: The major problem of consuming grapes in excess amounts is they contain large amounts of resveratrol. It is dangerous for the pregnant women whose hormones are imbalanced.... It is found in grapes with dark skin, such as black and red ones. You can have these 6 nutritious fruits: apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, avocado and mangoes. Please do not over-eat any fruit. Eat in limited quantity.
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Question: Which are the fruits can be eaten if we are breast feeding
Answer: Pomegranate will help you to produce more milk. It's better to take little quantities if tropical fruits bcoz those fruits will make heat to ur body nd for ur baby too.
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Question: I can't eat fish items....which are the fruits which can be good to be eaten
Answer: Hi,each fruit has its own nutritional value ,apples promegranate,kiwi,avocado ,oranges.alk can be eaten ,just avoid papaya and it can lead to miscarriage
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