6 months old baby

Question: Can oats biscuits with milk be given to a 6months old baby?

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Answer: No dear, you can start giving from 8th month.
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Question: Oats biscuits are available on the market. Can it be given to 8.5 months old baby?
Answer: Hi dearyez oats are very healthy you can give oats biscuits.but start in small quantities and if it is agreeing with the baby then you can increase the quantity. Take care
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Question: What biscuits can be given to 6 month old baby?
Answer: Hi! No biscuits r safe fr a 6 month old its all maida and sugar which r not good fr baby body at such an early age, moreover its a choking hazard fr the baby..your baby needs only one meal a day rest all milk . Hope this helps!
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Question: What biscuits can be given to 11month old baby boy
Answer: Avoid giving maida based biscuits dear. You can prepare biscuits or cocckies at home adding nuts and dry fruits .maida biscuits make baby's stomach feel always full any they won't eat any other food of you give. Try not to give.
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Question: Which biscuits can be given to 6 months old baby??
Answer: Absolutely NO!! While it is certainly not recommended for infants, I discourage store bought biscuits even for toddlers. However homemade biscuits cookies with out preservatives and baking powder can be given to young children..... As you know what commercial biscuits contains is #MAIDA which is refined flour it can can mess up a baby’s digestion and may create constipation in babies. #SUGAR Everyone knows that sugar is not advisable for babies, we never know how much sugar goes into each pack as the percentage is not mentioned on the label..#Edible Vegetable Oil This refers to plain vegetable oil, which is among the safer ingredients. Dangerous substitutes include  hydrogenated vegetable fats  which are detrimental to health. #Invert Sugar Syrup contains unbound fructose, it is not recommended even for adults, and certainly shouldn’t be in young children’s diets it also contains #Emulsifier #BAKINGSODA #SALT #MILK SOLIDS which is really harmfull for infants and babies please avoid market one biscuits....
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