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Question: Can nursing mother take birth control pills?

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Answer: Hi. you'll have to consult your gynecologist before taking the birth control pills. some pills will reduce the breastmilk. so if you have that idea you have to consult your gynecologist and take a medicine that will not affect the production of breastmilk and will also Aid in birth control
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Question: I'm breastfeeding my baby and don't want to get pregnant ... Can I take birth-control pills while nursing?
Answer: Any kind of medicine while breastfeeding ur baby isn't advisable as whatever u take goes directly to the baby as well through ur milk and such medicines have adverse effects on babies. Please have safe sex. And consult doctor if still in doubt.
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Question: i m breast feeding mother is that safe to take birth control pills?
Answer: I understand your anxiety. Birth control tablets are not safe as they are hormonal tablets. They can decrease your milk and get expressed in milk to baby which is not safe. You can go for other controlling options such as implant, copper t etc. Take care
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Question: Which is the safest birth control? Wheter breastfeeding mom can take birth control pills? If so could you please suggest..
Answer: hi dear ! you can use progesteron only pills and as far as other methods then you can use mirena , implanon .
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