4 months old baby

Question: can milk gone down if we feeded only one side

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Question: Baby drinks only one side milk
Answer: Dear usually baby does it and change their favourite side for feeding. My daughter did that and for me a simple trick worked wonders. I used to offer the one side which my daughter preferred less first whenever she asked for feeling and she took it after 3-04 denials due to hunger. You can try the same. Hope it helps.
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Question: In each feed How long baby should be feeded one side to get the hind milk??
Answer: Hi dear, at the time of breastfeed you should feed your baby 15 minutes from each Breast. If you have supply of foremilk that is thin liquid in texture the Express little amount of milk before you started feeding to your baby. That will help you baby to get both the foremilk and hindmilk. Hope it helps
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Question: If baby to feed only one side breast milk though any problem for baby or mother
Answer: Yes. Baby may not b satisfied. And mothers both breast size may become unequal. The one baby feeds on May become larger than the other.
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