14 months old baby

Question: Can l give peanut butter to my baby

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Answer: Yes, you can, if your child is not allergic to peanuts, it should not be a problem, it is a nutritious choice to be given to babies.. After the child turns one..
Answer: Peanut butter can be given but make sure peanut is not whole as it can choke to baby.
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Question: Can I give my baby peanut butter
Answer: Hello you can give your baby peanut butter there is no harm in it but start with a very small quantity as it may be a little hard to digest when your baby start digesting you can surely increase the quantity but access is not recommended it as it is high in sugar take care
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Question: Can i give my baby peanut butter
Answer: Helo ma'am yes you can give peanut butter to baby as it has high protein in it so you can give but make sure that your baby don't show any allergic towards peanut and also it is good to prepare your own homemade peanut which will not cause any kind of infection to baby and also it will be healthy. Dry roast peanut peel of the skin and blended in a mixture you should not add water when you blend well can see the oil extract from the peanut and make it as a fine creamy consistency if you need you can add brown sugar or Honey with that to increase the taste or else you can even use the normal peanut butter store it in air type container.
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Question: Can i give peanut butter for my baby
Answer: SProtein is essential for growing children. In fact, peanuts are a Superfood offering more than 30 essential vitamins and nutrients. Peanut butter also serves as a great vehicle for other foods. ... Peanut butter adds protein and mostly good fats, which also help the body absorb fat soluble vitamins.
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