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Can i wear bra during feeding to my baby?

Hi Whether you wear a bra or you don’t in the course of pregnancy or breastfeeding is strictly personal. Still, wearing a well-fit bra may lessen the stretching of breast tissues. When the breast tissue stretched, that could make the breast lose its shape and start sagging. Therefore, women with big breast should try to wear a well-fitted bra even if they don’t like to wear one. When lactating, it is advised that you opt for nursing bras for the support and convenience they offer when you breastfeed your baby.
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Question: It is safe to wear bra during brest brest feeding
Answer: hi dear ! during breast feeding there are specific bras for breast feeding mothers that can be used.
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Question: can i wear padded bra during pregnancy
Answer: Not advisable...in pregnancy we need to wear loose cloths n we should need more comfortable clothing.not wearing bra is also good in 2nd n 3 rd trimesters.good luck
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Question: During pregnancy can i wear bra all the time???
Answer: No. Every time wearing bra is not good for ur baby's comfort.
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