10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i used v wash during my 9 months of pregnanc

Answer: Hello Dear! Your profile shows you are 10 weeks pregnant please correct the information from ths home page to get timely information and notifications from the app. Using V-Wash in pregnancy is not a good idea becz it hampers pH balance of vagina better if its self cleaned of you can use Lactacyd.. Good luck!
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Question: Can V Wash be used in pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear, V wash is to be used only if you have any issues with discharge or itching. Usually if there is any urinary infection or yeast infection ,you are recommended V wash to maintain the pH.else wash the area with plain water.keep the area clean and dry.
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Question: Can i use V wash during 5week of pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, V wash is to be used only if you have any kind of infection.unnecessary avoid using it.just wash it with plain water.
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Question: can i use v wash during 1st month of pregnancy
Answer: hi dear! it is best if you avoid using vwash dear. if you have any other problems like itching or vaginal discharge then there might be some infection so its better if you go to the doctor for physical examination to diagnose the type of infection and treatment can be given accordingly dear! take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you dear!
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