10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I use veet in private part..???

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Answer: You should not use Veet in your private part or any other chemical for wax treatments to remove pubic hair. You can do shaving during pregnancy.
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Question: Can I use hair remover lyk veet in private part
Answer: Hello! yes you can use..follow these safety steps:Read the manufacturer's instructions on the packet carefully before applying the cream.Don't use the cream on broken skin or on your face.Use a product especially formulated for sensitive skin.Always do a patch test on a small area of skin before you use the cream, even if you used the product before you were pregnant.Keep the room well aired. Hair-removing cream has a strong smell that you may find unpleasant, particularly if you're feeling queasy.Don't keep the cream on your skin any longer than is necessary. Use a clock to time how long the cream is on your skin. Leave it on for the minimum time suggested on the instructions.
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Question: Can i use veet for private part hair removal
Answer: No There are many methods to clean vaginal hair as normal hair Shaving Epilating Waxing As you are pregnant best method is shaving as others have pain Never use chemicals as they can affect babies growth
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Question: Can we use veet on private part in pregnancy ?
Answer: Hi dear, avoid using hair removal creams. Rather use razor to reduce hairs.
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