31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i use veet hair remover cream??

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Answer: Don't use harsh chemicals to pubic area sometimes it leads to urinary tract infection be safe u can use it for hand and leg there is no pbm with it
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Question: Can I use hair remover lyk veet in private part
Answer: Hello! yes you can use..follow these safety steps:Read the manufacturer's instructions on the packet carefully before applying the cream.Don't use the cream on broken skin or on your face.Use a product especially formulated for sensitive skin.Always do a patch test on a small area of skin before you use the cream, even if you used the product before you were pregnant.Keep the room well aired. Hair-removing cream has a strong smell that you may find unpleasant, particularly if you're feeling queasy.Don't keep the cream on your skin any longer than is necessary. Use a clock to time how long the cream is on your skin. Leave it on for the minimum time suggested on the instructions.
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Question: I'm 11 weeks pregnant. Can I use veet hair remover cream to remove my pubic hair???
Answer: Hello! better not to use any hair removal cream. During pregnancy due to hormonal changes our skin becomes sensitive and as a result can react with the chemicals in the cream causing redness and itching. Hence avoid using them, better would be razor.
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Question: Can I use veet hair remover cream?
Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can use veet hair rrmoving cream, but for small area do patch test, if it din cause any infection can use...
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