14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i use veet hair removal in private places ??

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Answer: Hi dear, Ideally it is not recommended to use any chemicals during pregnancy.as the body is too sensitive and there is potential chance of chemicals seep through skin to blood.so why to take chance.moreover,now that your skin is too sensitive,you never know how would it react .so better to avoid any such thing.ideally trimming or using mild razor and then use any antiseptic lotion there.
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Question: Can I use veet hair removal for private part ?
Answer: Hello I know it is important to keep your vaginal hair clean for checkups in later stage and when i consulted with my sister who has 2 baby's suggested that it's best to avoid hair removal cream. Pubic area is most delicate and sensitive in our body. As the cream has chemical content so one may have to be careful, it may cause chemical allergies too. Best to get waxing done.
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Question: Can i use veet hair removal cream in ny private part
Answer: Hello dear Your skin is likely to be more sensitive and itchy now that you're pregnant, because of all the hormonal changes in your body. This may mean your hair removal cream will be more painful than usual.
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Question: Can i use veet for private part hair removal
Answer: No There are many methods to clean vaginal hair as normal hair Shaving Epilating Waxing As you are pregnant best method is shaving as others have pain Never use chemicals as they can affect babies growth
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