Question: can I use tummy tucker to bring my stomach to previous shape. I have done C-section for the second time of my which month I will be able to use the tummy tucker? and can I massage my tummy with hot oil to flatten it.pls advice

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Answer: First of all, congratulations on your new baby! While you are enjoying the new addition your body will be returning to its normal state. This is not a good idea since the hormones will affect the elasticity of skin not to mention the increased risks of bleeding including from the uterus.The best amount of time to wait depends upon whether you are breast feeding or not. Breast feeding will keep your hormone levels higher than normal even well after pregnancy. If you choose not to breast feed my recommendation is to wait a minimum of three months after delivery. This will allow your body to return to close to normal and give you time to shed your pregnancy pounds before surgery. If you find that you gained a lot of excess weight and still have more weight to lose at three months, simply wait until you reach your goal. If you choose to breast feed your baby I would wait for three months after you stop breast feeding. This may be a bit conservative, especially if you breast feed for many months (or years), but it will ensure that you have very little hormone effects at the time of surgery.If you are not planning on having more babies you can proceed with a tummy tuck without a worry. If you know you will be having another baby within a couple of years you would be best advised to wait.
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Question: I had c section, can u plz suggest when to start using corset or tummy tucker for belly reduction..n which one is best to use.
Answer: Hi Dear u can start after 1 month of ur c sec. Also do confirm once from doctor as if u can wear now. Sometimes stitches recovery can take more time. It is really a good idea to wear belt as it not only helps in reducing tummy sagging but it gives a good support to back to avoid any back pain. It also helps in staying in good body posture. I used flamingo belt which u can get as per ur size.
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Question: I had c section on 22nd sept, can i use tummy tucker belts, which company is good
Answer: Hello dear you can start wearing belt 2 months after a C-section when your incision has properly healed up. U can buy any companys belt as all are good
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Question: Can I use tummy Tucker?? I have baby by c section
Answer: Hi,after 6 months of pregnancy you can use tummy tucker because it is safe to yluse after that.till than you can use the post delivery belt.
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