1 months old baby

Question: Can I use lactare tablet to boost my milk supply and when to take lactare tablet and how many tab should I take per day ?

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Answer: If u are comfortable there are plenty of home and natural remedies too to increase milk supply. 1. Have methi,palak etc other green leafy vegetables. 2. Have milk and daliya(Laapsi) 3. Have lasun milk 4. Shatavari is also considered to invrease milk supply. 5. Flax seeds Hope these may help. Happy to help.
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    PNK khandelwal89 days ago

    Also massaging breasts in circular motion ll also help.

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    Nasreen Banu85 days ago

    I tried all these remedies sister

Answer: Take Galact Granules 2 spoons with warm milk in the Morning and two spoons in the Evening. And Perinorm medicine 10 mg in the Morning and 10 mg in the Evening.
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Question: How many lactare can use per day
Answer: Hi! Have you consulted any lactation consultant or Doctor before deciding to go for lactare tablets? Its bettet to get your BM evaluated before starting because if yoy actually do not have any supply issue you might end up having over supply/mastitis/breast engorgement fr consuming lactare. Good luck!
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Question: How many lactare tablets can i take per day to increase my breast milk?
Answer: Hello dear. You'll have to consult your doctor for further information about this tablet. However let me give you a few tips. Breastmillk is the best food as it is Superior nutrition for your baby for fighting infections and overall development. Here are a few foods that helps you increase breast milk : Oatmeal. Oatmeal by itself is not the most flavorful food out there, but you can always spice it up by adding different fruits or blend in some cinnamon or honey. Spinach. Garlic. Fenugreek. Apricots. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: How many lactare tablets can use per day
Answer: During first few days it is normal for every mothers to not have sufficient breast milk so thats why lactare is given its taken 3 times a day.But dont take it regularily as it have complications. Ur milk will be sufficient even if u stop it
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