2 months old baby

Question: Can I use mosquito repellent roll-on on my baby's body

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Answer: Hello Dear yu should not use roll on on any body part it should only applied on clothes that to in very less quantity. Mamaearth mosquito repellent cream n roll on are very good. Do try them very natural n no odd smell. Take care
Answer: You can use mosquito repellent but I think should not on body. You can try mamaearth mosquito repellent it is totally safe so you can use on baby's bedding n clothes,mosquito net. It will keep away from the mosquitoes.
Answer: Ap mamearth k mosquito repellent p rely kar skte ho. Kyuki ye sab products baby skin friendly h aur madesafe certified h.
Answer: Please avoid using those products even if it says it's safe however in my opinion we should strictly avoid it
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    Renu Gupta845 days ago

    Yes u can...if repellent are organic...use mamaearth 100% natural mosquito repellent patches. It is safe for babies...i m using for my son...

Answer: Avoid on body, use it on clothes near thighs and upper back...
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Question: Can i use mosquito repellent roll on? Mosquitoes bites her very often...My baby is 6months old.
Answer: Hi dear. beard apply coconut oil on your baby's exposed area and keep your Windows and door shutter when mosquitoes are on their peak I mean in evening time and also make sure that baby is wearing full sleeve clothes and keep in mind that mosquito net is really really beneficial to avoid mosquitoes . and if you want to use roll on then don't use it on near baby's face just to use it on pillow and cloth near foot
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Question: Should I use mosquito repellent cream or roll on for my 2n half month old kid
Answer: hi dear best would be to use mosquito net to save your baby from mosquito, as less or more every mosquito repellent has chemical which can be Harsh on baby skin so thry your baby be 3 month old and after that use mosquito repellents.
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Question: Can I use mamaearth mosquito repellent body roll on.. My baby 5 months.. Because it's smell is too strong
Answer: Hi. Yes dear. I use it for my baby and find it very usefull. . Its made naturalky and is made safe for babies so dont worry. The string smell only helps keeping mosquito away.
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