5 months old baby

Can i use hot water for my baby for bathing. It's winter season know,so my illas are saying to use hot water.Is it good for my baby

Hi dear, Yes,you must use hot water for bathing your baby.even if the temperature is hot,slight lukewarm water is adviced for bathing baby.check the temperature of the water by dipping your elbow in tub.if it feels ok ,then it should be suitable for your baby.
You can bathe the baby in lukewarm water. It's very good for baby and make the baby energetic.
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Question: Is that I can use cold water instead hot to my baby for bathing .
Answer: You can buy a thermometer to check the temperature of the bath water. Some thermometers are also a fun bath toy or a piece of bath equipment, such as a mat. Most thermometers indicate an ideal temperature of 37 degrees C to 38 degrees C, which is around body temperature. If you're not using a thermometer, a quick way to check is to use your elbow rather than your hand to gauge the temperature. The water should feel neither hot nor cold.
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Question: Daily we use hot water for bathing to my baby instead of warm water. Is it harmful to baby?
Answer: Yes hot water can cause skin irritation and make the soft skin of baby dry ...jst make the water warm dont overheat it ....
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Question: Adding cold water to hot water for bathing baby is good?
Answer: Yes good to mix hot and cold water but do it only to make the water lukewarm. Don't add too much of cold water. Always bathe the baby in lukewarm water
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