Few weeks old baby

Question: can i use himalaya baby wipes for my 1 week old child

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Answer: Hello Yes dear but I would suggest use mamaearth wet wipes there are alcohol free n skin friendly for such young babies. If yu have no wipes yu can take little warm water add some drops of dettol n clean with cotton swab to. Take care
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    Priyanka Thakur842 days ago

    Plz dont apply dettol on baby' skin...

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    Priyanka Agarwal842 days ago

    Not on skin i said in warm water two drops of dettol in warm water n clean it.

Answer: HI If ur baby having any allergies or rashes means u won't take, it will develop complicated so use wet warm cotton cloth to wipe ur baby body otherwise normal only. Tq
Answer: Ya u can use. Use a one which is alcohol free. In home u can use water. When u are going out u use wipes. It may cause rash.
Answer: Use mamaearth bamboo based wipes as they r alcohol free nd skin friendly. Safe for little ones.
Answer: Im using wipes since day one.. u may go for mothersparsh or mamaearth..they do cause rashes.
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    Priyanka Thakur842 days ago

    They do not* cause rashes

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