25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I use hair color during pregnancy?

Answer: Hello dear It depends which type of hair color you use. You will need to be sure that your chosen product is safe, particularly if you're applying hair color as a skin dye in pregnancy. If u have any other alternative then it would be safe to avoid chemical hair dyes while you're pregnant.
Answer: It's better to avoid chemical hair colors during and after pregnancy.
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Question: Can we use hair color during pregnancy.? Is it safe?
Answer: Hello, please avoid undergoing any kind of chemical treatment in your body during pregnancy. Because ultimately unwanted chemicals will enter your body through the coloring process which might be harmful for your baby.
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Question: Can i do hair color during pregnancy.
Answer: Hello dear... No,it is advisable to avoid haircolour in pregnancy,it contain ammonia ,which is not good during in this phase
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Question: Can I color my hair during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. The high doses of the chemicals in hair dyes/color may cause harm. It is generally not recommended, you can check with your doctor too. Hope this information was helpful.
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